Lake District Wedding: Lucy & Phil

Friday, 29 August 2014

YBB Photography 
It's been just over a month since my cousin Lucy got married to Phil in the beautiful setting of Coniston, a small village within the Lake District. The day was perfect, set in a clouded mountainous scene next to the water and with an intimate, poetic service. I just had to share these images taken by Photographer Yann Besrest-Butler, they are a true representation of such a lovely day, and one that couldn't be more Lucy; environment friendly, pretty and heart felt. 

Organic interiors of Manchester

Monday, 25 August 2014

The Lawn Club, Manchester [Photography, Dursk]

As Summer disappears before our very eyes, I wanted to share some of the newest additions to the Manchester bar scene. The Lawn Club, The Botanist and Allotment revolve around a similar organic theme, but all with beautifully unique interiors.

Trend: Through the wire

Thursday, 21 August 2014

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It started with hanging caged bulbs, hair pin table legs and who could forget the original Bertoia Chair but it seems this minimalist look has slowly influenced nearly every item of the home. This desirable 'outline' of homewares adds textural appeal and an almost flexible aesthetic but as ever, the grid formation of wire has evolved into more fragile design. Even within print, the simplistic appeal of the grid is present within fashion trends as well as decorative accessories for the home. I love the current grid range at Ferm Living, a simple way to add pattern to casual interiors.

Inspired by the science of subatomic particles, the legs of the Quantam table by Jason Phillips is an example of how this trend continues to develop; the supporting frame is a scribble of bended steel, creating fluid lines that are sturdy enough to support a lacquered orange Corian tabletop. Genius. This delicate approach is also apparent within word art for the wall, a statement feature that is similar to the handwritten quotes that we all love and know upon Instagram, and the like. Anthropologie hit the nail on the head, utilising wire with such a desirable, clean effect.

Although these wire replacements are the skeletons of the furnishings we are all accustomed to, they create new silhouettes within design, with cubic and geometric lines. The Kai stackable chair series by Daniel Lau incorporates chevron shapes into a framed style, while Urban Outfitters is one of many high street brands translating the popular wobbly wire candlestick design.

Blog Watch: Design Love Fest

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

[All imagery sourced from the Designlovefest Instagram account] 

Founded by LA creative director Bri Emery, Design Love Fest is one of my favourite blogs/Instagram accounts and I just had to share her work. Bri opened her downtown studio in 2011 and has since been hosting creative workshops with Photoshop, calligraphy and craft classes, all available to the public. Her innovative approach to styling is truly inspiring, creating DIY set ups with a bright, boho/retro aesthetic with a food, furniture and interiors focus. Her Instagram is a haven of superb imagery consisting of her own creations and the works of other LA craftspeople. I have collaged a few of my faves together and I think you'll agree that it's a pure treat for the eyes.

Trend: Go Flamingo

Sunday, 17 August 2014

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I was lucky enough to see the wild Flamingos in North Sardinia earlier this summer so I love that the colours, shapes and general charm of these sassy birds are becoming increasingly more popular across all areas of interior design. Whether it's prints, furniture, tabletop or accessories for the home; flamingos inspire contrasting colour palettes with powdery pinks and salmon shades, combined with subtle greys and deep teal greens. Just like the flamingo, the Visu chair by Muuto has legs to die for (well, a frame) and works perfectly for this signature Nordic brand. Though I have to say, the star of the show is the flamboyant flamingo printed wrapping paper, illustrated by Charlotte Trounce for Wrap Magazine, I LOVE the textured brush strokes, giving a jazzy retro vibe. 

New Pastures Grey

Photography, Emily Nicholson [Dursk] 

My grandmother's ditsy duvet is grey, the Beetham Tower is a reflective ornament of grey, and of course, my favourite mug is matte grey. BUT, dare I say it, there's too much grey. I have recently finished uni, and I think I'm suffering from what can only be described as, 'Graduate Grey'. I suppose it doesn't help living in Manchester where it rains literally every second of the day, but all of a sudden life is drab. There's only so many emails you can send talking about yourself when applying for jobs, and with little reply. SO, what better way to start injecting a bit of colour than with a new, bright and beautiful blog?! 

For those who don't know me I'm a pretty creative cat (if I do say so myself) and although I now have a degree in Fashion Communication & Promotion, it is actually a world of interiors that most takes my fancy. I'll be sharing styling tips, current trends, news from my favourite brands/designers and just what I get up to in general as I limbo into the next part of my life. I have to admit, I'm more of a scrapbook kinda gal, so do bare with, BUT without further ado, I bring to you, DURSK.

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