Book Club: A January Reading List

Saturday, 9 January 2016

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I've been contemplating whether to write the typical 'New Year, New Me' January blog post, with a round up of my resolutions and outlook on the year (yada yada). But then I thought, I may as well cut to the influencing source. We're nearly 10 days into January and I've already gained so much positivity and perspective on the year ahead, how? ... I've devised a fantastic reading list.

I had a conversation the other day about The Amazon Wish List and realised that I've never actually used it. My books go straight in the basket and wait patiently. Sometimes they rack up, sometimes it's an instant purchase, but nevertheless, beautiful books are my weakness. As I'm sure everyone else does but aren't quick to admit - I'll come across my favourites in-store, flicking from the back to the front, then seek out a cheaper deal online, knowing someday I'll checkout.

You may remember me saying at the end of last year that I was itching to share the books that I'd bought as presents for my nearest and dearest. Continuing on from my Stocking Filler Gift Guide, I'm finally leaking the (very well received) reads I gifted for Xmas 2015. You're probably thinking who does a recapped gift guide in January? Why not? Prices are slashed on Amazon, so be selfish and buy what you really wanted for Christmas.

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