Trend: Hardware in the Home

Monday, 9 November 2015

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I'm quite surprised, but I've recently adopted a liking for good looking plug sockets. Ranging from the perfectly designed for a minimal luxury interior, to camouflaged marble outlets - these plug sockets have become something of a discreet design feature. And it doesn't stop there. Silky brass and stainless steel offer a great polished finish to other 'hardwares' of the home such as door handles, pegs and light switches (It's all very exciting over here on Dursk).

Perhaps it's the fact that our stationery, our workspaces and just our homes in general are becoming more metallic, more masculine; nevertheless we've gone full circle and this utilitarian style has reached the everyday functioning details of our homes. Those finishing touches that always lie silent and have an everlasting presence. We're more obsessed than ever with items being handcrafted or made to measure, perhaps this is the reason for this sudden influx of metalwork and hardware, which ironically at the end of the day, offers a basic, uniformed style.
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