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Sunday, 16 August 2015

For those who know me, you'll know that I love a real photograph, a tangible memory that I can hold and keep in a safe place. But we now live in an age where sentiment is becoming less of a commodity. Our homes are becoming smaller, yet our phones are getting bigger. We live in clouds and photo-streams and never get to hold a real photograph anymore. Even objects in the home, other than hand me downs, is there anything we actually feel emotionally attached to anymore? I'm a big believer that we shouldn't lose touch with what's real, which is why I love the work of independent designer, Simon Freund. He has carefully designed and crafted the ultimate twenty essential items; the basic (and beautiful) necessities for German living that will last a lifetime.

All imagery provided by Simon Freund 

From the everyday white t-shirt to a painter's step ladder (literally the nicest ladder I've ever seen) the collection of Simon Freund reflects the habits of today's consumer with functionality being at the heart. His understanding of materials and his artistic attitude to today's design aesthetic, means items become multi-purpose and embedded in everyday life. The Woolen Blanket can also be worn as a scarf or a shawl, and The Metal Chair offers a graphic construction that can be personalised to the buyer's taste and kept for years. 

I urge you to visit the Simon Freund website. Just like the collection it navigates with simplicity and suspense, offering a horizontal timeline of these carefully designed key pieces.

Simon's products will soon be sold in London concept store, Hostem - and hopefully will continue to be seen in more UK based stores. Because why would we need to go anywhere else when we can just buy the Simon Freund essentials?

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