Gift Guide: Top 5 Scandi Stocking Fillers

Monday, 7 December 2015

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Without tooting my own horn, I'd say I'm a pretty good gift giver and this year I've been super organised and my Christmas shopping is complete! Not only have I bought presents for my loved ones, but I've treated myself to the odd early present here and there. I just couldn't resist!

I've pulled together my top five gifts, all with an understated stamp of Scandi charm.

First up, I've featured Berlin based brand, Bonanza Coffee (yes I know not technically Scandi but too good not to feature!). More like a product of design than something to consume, the packaging is spot on. The coffee is said to be pretty spectacular as well and combines old and new techniques to get the absolute best out of the coffee. Referred to as 'Retro Innovation', Bonanza Coffee is continually looking for the best production methods, nurturing the flavour and taking as much care of the coffee as possible.

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If you've not heard of Still With You, sorry, you're not cool. I'm pretty obsessed with their Insta feed and I'm counting down the days till my visit to Copenhagen in March, so I can have a big ring splurge. 

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As soon as I heard that Playtype and Aesop had collaborated, I knew that their Scandinavian Guide to Winter; Inward, was going to be something special. I ordered it for myself (instantly justifying the overseas postage to the UK) and it was SO worth it. The notebook features a brief introduction of poems, recipes for traditional Winter warmers and a guide to Copenhagen and Stockholm.

I'm a Winter baby and being born three days before Christmas has meant I've always shared a love for the colder months. Being cosy, eating hearty foods and having a roaring fire are my ultimate simple pleasures. The brief writings in this book sum up this essence of Winter perfectly and I know that it will be a cherished item that I'll return to every Winter.

Visit my Instagram feed where I share one of the many beautiful quotes from the Inward notebook.

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Skandinavisk candles capture the scent, warm light and overall essence of Scandinavian living. One memory of Stockholm that will always stay with me is how it doesn't matter if you go out for breakfast, lunch, Fika or dinner, you are always welcomed by the warm glow of candlelight. The Scandinavians know how to do cosy, and are the biggest candle burners in the world. So, if you want to do it right, it's got to be Skandinavisk.

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This Christmas I've gone a bit crazy, buying books for family and friends. I could've done a separate post alone on my top Winter reads, but of course it would spoil the surprise. One right at the top of my Christmas list, is a book that celebrates the beauty of freckles! Photographed over a period of two years, 'We Are Freckled' features real people from all walks of life, with a background into each person. One motive for the book that I love, is a nod to the myths and legends attached to the reason why we have freckles. I like to think that the insights into personalities featured in the book are effectively reframing these traditional tales, offering a modern interpretation with room to evolve.

The book will be launched on December 9th. So, Santa if you're reading this ....

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