Wilder California: Photography for the home

Saturday, 11 October 2014

All imagery provided by Jane Wilder 
I recently came across the Instagram account of Jane Wilder, a California based photographer with an eye for combining pastel palettes and all sorts of plants and cacti. I of course fell head over heels and was delighted to discover that this imagery was actually available as large scale prints for the home from her Etsy shop, Wilder California.

It was then I felt I had to get in touch with Wilder so that I could shout and rave about her absolutely stunning work. Her photography makes her the modern day impressionist with such an abstract approach to capturing small but perfectly formed details. The images allow you to appreciate natural formations in a new light and for me the colour is just the cherry on the cake and what initially drew me in. I'm a pastel-holic and seeing such peachy pinks and chalky blues with an overall hazy fade just hypnotised me. What I particularly like about Wilder's work is that plants are transformed into print and pattern, with contrasting colours creating unexpected lines; palm leaves reveal chevron shapes and cactus spindles create polkodot pattern. I feel I must also add that the pair of colour fade images are actually Californian skies - what bliss.

With photography in the genes, Jane studied the art in Northern California, growing up surrounded by creativity as her father and aunt are also photographers. Finding inspiration from art & interiors blogs, Wilder has a fondness for shooting diverse Californian plantlife and her natural surroundings, combining these objects of nature with such a soft-hued colour palette.

Since getting in touch with Jane, I'm delighted to announce that we are currently working together on her next collection, due to make it's first appearance on Dursk. Without giving too much away, colour will be a big focus, and I'm so glad that despite being on the other side of the world, we can collaborate to create something that is truly marvellous and expressive of our similar tastes.


  1. Love all of these pictures. The first one is my favorite!


    1. It was so hard to choose, so many beautiful images!

  2. Very cool, the first one looks like a piece of art.

    / Avy

  3. I absolutely fell in love with these pictures, when I first saw them here. Stunning! I hope to do a post myself in my blog.




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