Bunglo by Shay Spaniola

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

All imagery provided by Shay Spaniola, Bunglo

Earlier this month I became acquainted with Austin, Texas, based artist Shay Spaniola, founder of design studio, Bunglo. As an admirer of her unique hand painted fabrics, I delved deeper to find out more about the inspirations behind Shay's adventurous approach to design and her latest A/W Landscape collection.

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Shay had always been incredibly creative, practising various crafts and developing a unique artistic style, but it wasn't until after college when Shay travelled the world that her creativity flourished.  By collecting fabrics and interpretively painting as she travelled, Shay developed a watercolour diary that was to eventually become her bible of inspiration for Bunglo. Her unique mirrored pattern formations, brush techniques and colour choices are all inspired by the changing landscapes of an epic two year adventure. When speaking to Shay I asked about her favourite creations and was humbled by her response; to have a favourite is impossible but instead, she gets to relive the best of times through each of her creations.

'When I look at my 'Mid Century Pop' pillow I'm reminded of my childhood home, my 'Rose Water' pillow brings me back to the sunsets in Senegal and the brightly colored 'Monteverde' fabric gives a moment of ease as I reminisce the rainforest and beach side in Costa Rica. They're all much more than a design but a story and memory.'

I was also intrigued by Shay's approach to colour: not afraid to explore neutrals, brights and bolds, Bunglo has a recognisable style with a diluted tonal appeal. By designing with her own home in mind, Shay has instinctively developed her inspirations into completely organic design. Her collections are about bringing peaceful and tranquil colour into the home, but all through the language of pattern.

There's something about Shay's textiles that you don't get from other home-wares; even without knowing the story behind each design, it is easy to recognise that every item is created with care, attention and wanderlust wisdom, and from Shay's curious nature, comes truly unique, one of a kind design.

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