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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Wall Planner

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I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break and I'm very much looking forward to a busy 2015, with some big plans already on the horizon for Dursk! A little late, but here is just a kick-start to the New Year with lots of lovely design-led calendars, and for a klutz like me, organised never looked so good.

Whether framed or concept based, wall calendars have been transformed into a decorative feature for the home, revamping calendar months into covetable grid like design. Kristina Krogh creates a symmetrical graphic print with gold embossed design for a witty artwork that spells out two thousand and fifteen, surrounded by the 12 months of the year. Perhaps a permanent fixture of the wall, this framed print wouldn't look out of place once 2015 has passed, but instead just a lovely reminder of memorable moments. Snug Studios remodels numbers into graphic Toy Block typography and Chelsea Dyer applies embossing but with a focus on roman numerals for her MMXV Calendar. For the design office, Snug Studios has also created the ultimate designer spreadsheet, and similarly, Snæfríð & Hildigunnur have created a large scale calendar for Wrong For Hay with a tear away feature.

Handmade Aesthetic 

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The Via Martine Calendar is a printable and personal feature for the wall which allows you to add your own Instagram images to create either a monthly or birthday calendar that is unique to you. I love this styling touch, just by adding a few crafty extras such as a clipboard, the calendar is transformed into a hanging scrapbook of your life. Again a clipper is used for the Everlasting Calendar by Studioish on Etsy, with a domineering typeface, it is all that's needed for an impactful yet compact planner. If you're one to doodle and scribble down your events/special dates, the minimalistic Red Star Ink calendar encompasses simple and straight forward design, but will become alive with the illustrated events of day to day life.

Black & White Graphic 

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Calligraphy and typography replace print & pattern with design that revolves around concept. MAKE Collaboration utilises vertical space for a large scale calendar of each month but with a timeline layout. Released in 2013 (and also my favourite), Chelsea Dyer focuses on the design appeal of constellations with her Astrology Calendar, turning star formations into graphic design. I also love the incentive of the The Gift Wrap calendar by Linda & Harriet, with a calendar being just a small element, this flip style decorative piece promotes the reuse of a page once each month has passed, quite the paradox to the typography led calendars.

Modern Concept 

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Quirky themes are a platform for innovative calendar concepts. Again astrology is utilised as Heather Lins encourages to 'stitch the stars' of each month, whilst The Circular Calendar puts the sun's movement into design, creating a graphic print from the daily sun hours on lattitude 50° north of the equator each year. Word-play adds a novelty charm to the Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar 10th anniversary calendar, with the highlighted letters of each month being jumbled amongst comical titles. And for those of a design nature, the CMYK Calendar by communication designer Peter Von Freyhold, transforms each day of the month into it's own colour swatch.

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