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Friday, 30 January 2015

Zig-Zag Formations 

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Over the past few years, the increase of Ethnic inspired pattern, colour and craft has crept into the minimalist Nordic interior. With floors being transformed with decadent Kilim rugs, rich colour has been welcomed ever so slightly, marking the start of newfangled decorative styles. Embroidered zig zag pattern, woven brights, linen stripes and intricate graphic weaves are all micro-trends that have settled into the Scandi home but with a multicultural edge.

Bococo is a brand that wowed me a few months ago, and the traditional Philippine craft that is practised for these cushions highlights the coming together of old time technique with modern design. They fit so perfectly into a Nordic interior, and I just love how detailed they are up close. With a diamond zig zag design, Anek Designs at Etsy creates a similar look with beautiful, intricate pattern. This particular embroidered style has evolved into further designs such as the use of zig zag print and other monochrome textile patterns like the grey & white zig-zag cushion by Hübsch. The Beach People creates beautiful beach rugs with abstract and repeating pattern, and recently found on A Merry Mishap, Berber rugs give an even more textured pattern for a softer space.

Decorative Brights 

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For the odd flash of colour, this trend is perfect for jazzing up a blank canvas with just a few decorative brights. Anthropologie never fails to deliver with handcrafted items, and this Kilim cushion really is something to behold! The Bowan rug by Habitat uses recycled cotton to create a multi-patterned piece for that statement floor and Urban Outfitters goes more colourful with a striped beach blanket, encompassing Aztec design.

Linear Linen 

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Striped accessories are grainy and varied, taking inspiration from lined linen fabrics. I like how stripes have been experimented with, creating unique designs with colour change and different stripe thicknesses, and although not linen, the Axis Stripe rug by West Elm still carries this style with disjointed design. Sourced in South America the fabric Nushka uses for its Indigo Cushions can vary in pattern and colour due to it being made in such a traditional method. Sometimes deep Indigo, or maybe faded blue, I love that it has that handcrafted characteristic! H&M Home embraces this trend and even adds tassels to the corner of its cushions, a nice simplistic design. And made in Lithuania,  Fog Linen Work carries that rustic aesthetic with Chambray, subtly striped bed linens.

Graphic Weave 

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Weaving techniques become more blocky, and geometric designs that are usually seen within print, are achieved through weaving alone. The Kilim cushions by Ferm Living combine pastel shades for a textured but abstract overall design. The SS 15 collection elaborates on this even further, with Fragment cushions, taking the style one step further into an updated print equivalent. I like how H&M Home has created a two way, reversible pattern with a zig-zag weave blanket and House Doctor mirrors woven characteristics, with printed graphic lines upon a textured cotton pillow case. My favourite of them all though has to be the work of Beatrice Larkin, an emerging designer that I have only recently come across. It's clear to see that her Brights, Monochrome and Dusk collections have all been creatively strategised; with awareness to pattern, colour and the overall design. I love the unique lines, blocky layering and unusual shapes that she's managed to create - true weaving intelligence!

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