AkzoNobel: Colour Futures 2015

Friday, 27 March 2015

I was recently approached by leading colour experts AkzoNobel and as I’ve newly become acquainted with their 2015 Colour Futures lookbook at work, I was itching to talk about their latest trends. Headquartered in Amsterdam, they own big name brands such as Dulux, Sikkens, Interpon and Eka, and are the driving innovators when it comes to sustainable colour.

When I first saw the imagery and colour combinations featured in their Colour Futures forecast I was blown away. Targeted towards architects, designers (or just any old colour addict like moi), this publication is an essential creative tool if you want to get ahead of the game. Stemming from emerging social, economic and design trends, the AkzoNobel senior colour experts engage in trend workshops in order to forecast a precise future of colour. 

I talk about my two favourite trends from their 2015 forecast: Layer + Layer & Unseen Spaces. 

Layer + Layer  

Featuring the Dulux colour of the year 15 - Copper Blush, this trend shows how raw, imperfect colour can create texture and dimension to your walls. Merged with another colour, this is a perfect example of how getting confident with colour choice can lead to an even more creative application. Influenced by our multi-dimensional lifestyles, our dependency on technology and becoming more reliant on a digital landscape, Layer + Layer is the result of a multitude of current layered trends. I recently talked about brush stroked trends a few posts back but I like how it’s evolved even further. Introducing more colour with block formations can create a layer upon layer unique feature wall. Who needs wallpaper? - just paint it straight on.

Unseen Spaces 

This trend takes inspiration from the lack of demand for living space. As it becomes increasingly more valuable, modern society has grown to adapt to smaller environments and get inventive with what we already have. With reference to that famous William Morris quote, ‘have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’ this trend sees the un-useful in a new light, transforming negative space into a practical and admirable element of the home. So, with this mantra comes a minimal approach to design and of course my favourite, a cool Scandi palette. By using subtle combinations of colour such as darks contrasted with light shades, the illusion of three-dimensional space is instantly achieved and can revive abandoned hallways, open corners or just any overlooked area. This clever colour scheme is made up of sophisticated blue-greys, khaki and a touch of neutral pink, with multiple tones to choose from.

AkzoNobel produces a Colour Futures publication every year and I would recommend getting hold of a hard copy. Nothing like a well put together magazine to spark all notions of creativity. Alternatively you can see the full colour report online (link provided), I’d love to hear what your favourite trend is?!  

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