New Designers: Brushes by Ellie Birkhead

Sunday, 12 July 2015

[Photography by Emily Nicholson, Dursk]

Last week I attended Part 2 of New Designers on behalf of Trend Bible and was blown away by such innovative concepts across furniture and product design. One collection that caught my eye in particular was the Brush collection by Ellie Birkhead of Brighton University. From in-depth research, Ellie realised that there is currently only one company in the UK that handcrafts brushes using traditional methods. This inspired Ellie to embrace self taught crafting techniques in order to create traditionally made brushes, but with a modern design.

Each design is reminiscent of a typical brush such as the chimney sweep or the broom, but by elaborating each shape it prompts new functionality and purpose for the user. Made from beech and hog bristles the collection signifies traditional simplicity but it's versatility is appropriate for today's consumer as a multi-functioning tool.

Ellie was handpicked as one of 'Trend Bible Selects' alongside other star graduates from the New Designers Show.

To see more behind the concept of Ellie's brush collections visit her website here

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