A Taste of Summer

Saturday, 25 April 2015

All photography by Emily Nicholson (Dursk) 

I've been in my new house in Newcastle for nearly 2 months now and as a welcome gift/summer BBQ essential, the lovely lot at Out There Interiors have sent me this stunning Jennabelle drinks dispenser by Nordal. It's taken pride of place on the kitchen side-board, and already looks so at home. It couldn't have arrived at a better time as this past week we've seen Spring temporarily transform into Summer, which has meant lots of evenings spent on the decking, kicking back to chilled sounds and getting lost in conversation all the way through till dusk.


I decided to make cucumber water in my jar, and kinda copied what I'd had at Oslo bar in Hackney (which I recently blogged about). I love how the translucent green of the cucumber is complimented so well with my housemate's recycled glasses, all bought from TK MAXX. Bargain! The two tone greens of the cucumber also have a likeness to the plants and foliage in the garden, so many contrasting summer shades.

This week has been a taster of what's to come in Summer and I can't wait! I think next time, the jar can be filled with a homemade fruit punch. Perfect for those long Summer days with close friends, great food and eventually, the best of memories!

To find out more about the Jennabelle Glass jar, you can buy it online here at Out There Interiors as well as many more fab products!

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