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Monday, 14 September 2015

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Forget displaying your flowers in a vase. Instead pull apart, press and transform them into a two dimensional wall feature. I've seen this trend emerge this Summer with beautiful wild flowers and botanical leaves being encased within glass clasped frames. Set to flourish into Autumn Winter, this trend will encapsulate Summer as we (I hate to say) enter those colder months. A lamination of arranged petals and leaves - basically your very own 2D bouquet.

I'm so glad this trend is making a comeback. Pressing flowers is a pastime I used to love with my Grandma, and she had such a knack at turning her flowers into a hillside scene or some sort of floral print (so retro). This once upon a time traditional decorative style is now entering the Scandi-thrifter's home and is less 'seventies brown', but rather, 'wild meadow'.

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I recently came across the stunning Etsy account of Russian based jeweller and artist, Stanislava Korobkova with her shop W.W. Heart. She really does stop nature in time with pressed single stems, framed leaves and even petals encapsulated within glass locket necklaces. With an almost taxidermy aesthetic, her pieces are raw and resourceful. 

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Just B Smiling specialises in handmade phonecases, treasuring florals & greens gathered from potted blooms and a wild sprawling garden. Based in Vancouver, JBS was launched not long ago and promotes itself on the life-cycle of nature. The flowers fade in colour and deteriorate after two years, a tangible characteristic that reminds us of the beauty of changing nature.

"All cases are resilient; but treat your babe like you would treat all the other babes in your life, with the most love + care."

In an increasingly digital world, phone cases are the perfect accessory to bring the art of flower pressing into the modern day; mini time capsules for our flowers, if only our Grannies could see us now. Another dainty touch is that every case is complete with a tag made of embedded seed paper. The tags are larger than the average so that when planted, a decent sized bouquet can be grown. The tag also has a two year shelf life so can be planted when you're good and ready. What a lovely idea. 

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So if like me you're thinking I might give this a go myself and get flower-pressing at the weekend, you're probably going to get online right away, looking for that perfect frame. Well Danish brand Moebe has got you covered. Their styling is spot on, with leaves captured in a freeze-frame - literally. These basic frames shine with transparency, highlighting your chosen flora in all it's glory. Made up of four pieces of oak, two pieces of plexiglass and held together by a rubber band. It's that simple.

I'm a sentimentalist and love my keepsakes and meaningful objects, so I think it's safe to say that I'll definitely be giving this a go soon. Keep an eye on my Instagram feed, @Dursk_.

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