Getting Ready for Winter with Magisso

Monday, 12 October 2015

Last weekend my housemate brought the last of Summer indoors, when she spotted some lonely blooms at our local grocery. Quite ironically, as she walked through the door, I was preparing to shoot my 'Intro to Autumn' post. I was trying out the latest smart designs by Finnish brand, Magisso; the chalkboard cooling tumbler and clever tea-cup are my new A/W necessities. Aiding early mornings and dark, cosy evenings, these accessories are ideal for the Summer to Autumn crossover.

The Cool ID Tumblr is both decorative and practical. Made from innovative ceramic, you can keep your drink cooler for longer just by running the tumblr under the tap for a few minutes. I've started getting a little experimental by making my own ice coffees and the Cool ID Tumblr is the perfect cool coffee cup. It's quite sturdy, so even when it's not in use the vessel could also be used as a utensil holder. Personalised with whatever message, the Cool ID Tumblr offers a versatile yet minimal accessory for the kitchen. 

The Tea-cup plays on the laws of physics for the perfectly brewed cup of tea. With a triangular shaped bottom you adjust the intensity of your tea by tipping it. With a shelved filter within the cup, boiled water is poured into this compartment, the submerged leaves infuse, and then once tipped upright, the drink can be enjoyed. It's like having a tea pot, an infuser and your cup all in one. I also really like the shape, especially on cosy, rainy nights, it's the perfect cup to snug up and cradle. 

[All photography by Emily Nicholson, Dursk] 

I've had lots of fun experimenting with my Magisso kitchen accessories. Every product that is featured online seems to be dual purpose or of the most functionality. The items listed have a back story, with each individual designer being referenced. I enjoyed discovering the personality behind each product and the design behind its intelligence.

Magisso have recently started selling at luxury UK homewares retailer Amara, see here for the latest Magisso range.

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