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Thursday, 25 September 2014

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A massive trend last A/W was the rich allure of the colour indigo. As it's one of my winter favourites, I wanted to share some of the best patterns, colour combinations and textures that have evolved over the past year. Ranging from faded blues to vibrant aubergines, indigo has a range of tones that have even inspired the use of new textures such as denim within interior textiles, as well as a worn and washed reclaimed aesthetic, picking up on the remnants of bold indigo.

One of the key elements of the indigo trend is the handcrafted charm that is created through the look of ink splattered, dipped and dyed products. A style that (in my opinion) is at it's best upon ceramics, this provides a 'freshly painted' appeal and is fast becoming a recognised trend. New at Anthropologie are the delightful tie-dye effect notebooks. These irregular styles of lined patterns have created a leaked and seeped look with a unique appeal and again have evolved into experimentation with innovative interior dying techniques, such as the inclusion of shibori.

Woven textures contrasted with grey tones create a rustic colour palette, ideal for the cold coming months. Again, lines are created through this naturally textured pattern, and a similarity is obvious when looking at the painted abstract patterns upon tablewares by Lauren Bamford. Indigo becomes even cooler when combined with concrete but something I'm going to keep my eye on is the contrast of indigo accessorised with copper, for those who prefer a warmer but still moody interior.

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