Plants, Prints & Paws

Monday, 29 September 2014

Photography by Emily Nicholson, Dursk

Last week I had my final visit to Berwick (before becoming a fulltime 9-5er as of today) and other than getting my last lot of Ted cuddles, I tried my hand at styling with some family heirlooms. I had a field-day sifting through hand embroidered table cloths and vintage liberty prints, but in the end settled on a cloth with an original Next 80s print, trimmed with 50s lace; a perfect match for my Grandfathers Danish style coffee table (which I've totally got first dibs on).

I aimed for a tan and crochet theme so when I also found this vintage cushion case I thought it would sit perfectly on one of the Y style kitchen chairs. Complete with a cheese plant and a Habitat vessel/vase the look promotes mixing old with the new, overall making these timeless family pieces a part of everyday life again.

And the finishing touch - Ted; chief sniffer and the best of all the tan accessories!


  1. You should definitely do some more styling posts! You're doing a great job! Laura x

    1. Ahh thank you Laura, so many big ideas :D x


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