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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

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Over the past few years marble has become increasingly more popular across decorative accessories, tabletop and surprisingly, lighting design but this appealing natural element has now evolved into the world of print & pattern.

Marbled stone and ink swirled formations cover stationery, textiles and are even integrated into the surface design of decorations such as balloons. I love the monochrome and dusted pink notebooks by Selma Lamai, her stationery, art prints and textiles combine different marbling techniques with other patterns, transforming marble into a graphic element. Julia Kostreva uses a similar approach with her notebook range, and the result is a minimalistic and sleek design. As part of its AW14 collection, H&M Home launched marble printed cushions, bedding and shower curtains and Ikea recently released marble contact paper, perfect for wallpapering or decoupaging onto furniture.

With the current popularity of pastels, it's no surprise that this trend has combined with marble, creating a dreamy almost retro vibe. Contemporary art & branding studio The Six & Five, has created SOMA, a 3D art project that integrates holographic textures and marble patterns, all with a conceptual style. Designed for Catalogue Magazine, this look fits into the iridescent/pastel trend, and highlights the exploration of natural materials with vibrant colour. Handcrafted soaps by Birch & Goldberry show off the natural process of soap making with an organic, marbleised finish, revealing natural patterns at their best!

This new exploration of marble means areas of the home are updated using nature's design, expanding into unique pattern possibilities but softened onto new textures. Just like the reaction of two liquids mixing, such as a drop of milk into coffee, marble patterns are almost like a captured movement, but harnessed into 2-dimensional design.

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