Rainy Day Ted

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

All photography by Emily Nicholson, (Dursk) 

I thought it was about time to formally introduce my little dog, Ted. Myself and Nik have been staying in Berwick upon Tweed with my parents for the past week, so what better time . . .

Since moving up north 2 years ago, coming to visit my mum and dad consists of Bamburgh beach days, coffee dates and my favourite - slobbing out with Ted. As I have decided to remain in Manchester, the decision for Ted to live in Berwick was a no-brainer, he has the countryside on his doorstep, he's never shut up alone and he's got the run of a big house.

Today has been one of my favourite kind of Ted days. The weather has been typical of Northumberland; grey, drizzly and ladened with white mist. So as I've been full of a cold, being snugged up indoors with a sleepy Ted, a roaring fire and a frothy coffee has been my perfect rainy day.

Ted is a five year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but to look at him you would think he was a puppy, and a female one at that. His dwarfed features, and pretty puppy like face make Ted that extra bit special, and my very own Mini-Cav.

Sometimes I catch him sat on the landing window sill, just watching his garden, and most probably on the look out for any trespassing rabbits. It's the only time he'll bark or get territorial, but there's no stopping him once he's seen one. But on a day like today Ted won't even flinch, he'd much rather be curled up on the couch, cosy and dry, so I think I can speak on behalf of Ted when I say, rainy days are his favourite too.


  1. Love these pictures! Your dog is so stinkin' cute and your photography skills are great!

    ~ Mikéla Davelyn ~

    1. Thank you Mikéla, your photography is lovely too, love your weekend in the woods post!


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